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Learning by Living: Circle Time
in Kindergarten English Program at Roong Aroon School

The Rhythm of Circle Time is important. Start by the movement story telling Rhyme story with movement. Develop physical movement and gesture to understand the meaning of what they are saying or hearing actually represent. Follow with the morning greetings. Circle Time ends with meditation to learning about their own inside voice, aware of their own self.

“Because if the whole day is spent outward, outward, outward, then we’re never giving them a chance to go inward. And so setting up, with young students, it’s just a short time, it can be a minute, 2 or 3 minutes, but giving them the experience of going inward and doing it in a way that is accessible for them. So, using a breathing ball or using some other kind of mindfulness sitting helps the students just get that experience of what it feels like to be quiet and go inward.” Andrea Laubstein Kindergarten English Program teacher

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