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earning by Living: Free Play
in Kindergarten English Program at Roong Aroon School

At Roong Aroon School, the kindergarten programs have been designed explicitly with the holistic and developmental needs of children in mind. Recognizing that parents and other adults may forget at times to see the world from the child’s perspective, both of RA’s kindergarten programs remind teachers as well as parents about understanding the value of free play.

“…during free play, we observe the kids to know how they play. So they know that during this free play, what do they learn from that time? Like maybe they will learn how to build up the blocks, that is a little bit of math. So we know that, ‘Oh now this kid knows about this math skill.’ Or maybe about the social skills, how they can ask for play, how they negotiate to play with friends. So that we will know what are the skills they already have… and how can I as a teacher support him in each skill?” Natanich Sirodom Kindergarten English Program teacher

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