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Holistic Teaching & Learning Conference by The Center For Holistic Education at Southern Oregon University

Roong Aroon School is rooted in values of Buddhism, holism, and integrated learning where development and learning arise from lived experiences, relationships, and self-awareness. As teachers, we were also learners during our time at the school and we hope to inspire inquiry and reflection based on our stories of teaching and learning. Camden Vancil will begin by ushering participants into the natural setting of the school, through story, sound, and images. All classrooms have a thin boundary to the outdoors and students of all ages are routinely invited to connect with and appreciate their environment, encouraging life-long caretakers of the natural world. Andrea Laubstein will then set the scene for how kindergarten students learned in this setting. She will tell a story of her experience of young learners climbing banyan trees, overcoming fears, and discovering their inner strength. It is an encouraging example of the potential of how children and teachers can live and learn together. Robin Martin will then help us to make connections and lead us through a story of integrated learning and the delicate orchestration of head, heart, and hands that brings forth meaningful, life-long learning. As we bask together in these stories, we will leave space for reflections, questions, and further exploration of holistic education and the overall potential for human development.

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